Can you tell I’m running out of creative names for blog posts?

The week is ending so you know what that means! Time for a weekly recap.

This week was honestly really amazing. I felt like the workload was just right. I absolutely LOVED that I got to go back to my one true love, design. I think that’s where I’ve been most successful in this class, and it was especially cool to take that to a whole new level by making an animated gif book cover on Final Cut Pro.

I’m honestly just so insanely proud of that 3 second gem. I’m just gonna put it on every blog post from now on because I don’t think I’ll ever successfully do anything that complicated again. Jokes. Kind of.

I think 2/3 of my assignments were design this week, and wow I missed it. I did the assignment where you describe your book in 4 pictures and really loved how it turned out! Plus, it gave me an excuse to use Canva which I’ll never complain about.

I think this was my favorite week besides the radio show weeks, and hope we have more weeks like this in the future where we get to have more freedom on what kinds of assignments we get to do. I think it’s important I took this class and got well-versed in many different forms of media and technology, but I think I definitely want to focus on what I was best at, and specialize more in those things like design. Does that make sense?

This week was also super crazy because I think I saw UFO’s?? You should probably check out my evidence blog post to hear the full story. It’s crazy.


Lucky me, my boyfriend is sitting to the right of me. He can fight off zombies and if worse comes to worst, maybe I can sanction off his limbs to keep the zombies away from me. Just kidding!

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