When Will My Reflection Show Who I Am Inside

Can you tell I’m singing Reflection from Mulan for my Private Voice midterm Tuesday? I’m not nervous……… haha….. ha.

Jokes aside, it’s that time of week where I reflect on everything we did in the past 7 days! Woo! I must admit, this has been my favorite week so far, by FAR. I thoroughly enjoyed every single assignment, felt like I learned a lot, and feel much more confident in my place within the class.

Canva is incredible and I’m realizing I’m actually kind of obsessed with graphic design, who knew? I’ve since made multiple posters for clubs im in using it and feel a lot more proficient in he technology, as well as much more knowledgable about how to design effectively in general.

Paula Scher’s TedTalk was really interesting to me because of her work with notable art organizations that I love so dearly! I love seeing my two majors come together. So beautiful.

Creating my character on HeroMachine was probably the highlight of my week as far as assignments go. I loved seeing her come to life after writing about her last week, and I’m so excited to meet the people in my group, get to know them better, and get to know all of our characters better as well.

Also, all seriousness, can I just say I am SO happy that I actually had the time to work on my assignments all throughout the week and am writing my weekly reflection on SATURDAY AFTERNOON versus Monday at 11:30pm? Go me. I’ve been very transparent with my struggles balancing this class since my schedule is so ridiculously insane, but this was a really great week, and for that I am thankful.


Hmmm. The best group I’ve been a part of has probably been Studio 115. While I’ll be honest, I’m not happy with everyone on the committee, myself and a handful of others have put our everything into the Studio this semester. We are finally instilling passion and drive into the other members, we are cleaning up our board, we are working on branching out with marketing, etc. We have a long way to go but I know with myself and those particular handful of others, we will grow Studio 115 into a fantastic place.

*Cue Self-Plug*

WHAT IS STUDIO 115 YOU ASK? Oh shucks, just an incredible black box theatre located in the bottom of duPont Hall! What should you see there? COME SEE ME IN THE GREAT GOD PAN MARCH 22-24! TICKETS ARE FREE! SUPPORT YOUR FELLOW STUDENTS! If you come support me I will personally give you a cookie. I promise.

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  1. Ok so I read the title of this post and totally started singing Reflection in my head! Haha! (Good luck on your voice midterm!) I got to take a look at your character, and the result is awesome! I really like all of your designs! I can totally tell that you devoted time to each assignment! So awesome!

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