Week 10 Round-Up

It’s finally here. Week 10’s recap. Took me long enough, right? That’s because not only did I have trouble scheduling a DKC appt. to learn how to edit, but I also kept losing footage! Woo technology! FINALLY, the videos are re-filmed, edited, and uploaded on the ‘Tube for your viewing pleasure.

This week I learned a lot about how to read a movie and different approaches that directors take through  their filming. When I saw A Quiet Place this weekend, I wasn’t able to un-think what I had learned, and kept note of every zoom, every time they chose to do a one-shot scene, etc. The videos and article were extremely helpful resources to understand film-making.

I feel really good about my videos this week. I know they’re absolutely nothing spectacular, and I’m okay with that. A week or so ago, I literally didn’t know I had iMovie installed on my laptop…. Now, I can edit a video! And for that, I’m proud. I think if I ever am asked to do more video projects for another class, or this one, I will be more prepared and will also feel more confident in exploring different styles of film other than just basic cutting.

I filmed three videos this week, all of which you can find on my blog under the videos category. Please have a look and give me feedback, I’d love to hear it!


A question I have for my classmates… hmm. What are your career goals?


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