I (barely) Survived The First Week of The End

The facade has been cracked, the secret is out- I am awful at using technology. However, it is something that I am particularly fascinated by and am passionate about improving on. I THOUGHT I had done all of the work necessary, but I was very wrong. It’s okay, though, we are getting there.

I a, fascinated by learning about people’s lives on the internet via social media and other platforms, and am also a new blogger, excited to personally share my life with people. Since hearing about this course, I couldn’t wait to be in it because storytelling is something I adore. I was always a bookworm as a kid, and, in high school, interactive fiction was a large part of my life. This class seemed right up my ally and even though it was a struggle to understand the ins and outs of my first online class, I’m excited to grow as a student, technology lover, and person throughout this course.

I think one of my favorite things in this class will be the weekly blogs because of my passion for writing. I love reflecting on the past and seeing how I’ve grown and changed. I also love how interactive and collaborative everything is. On my personal blog, which is just taylorleighh.com if you’re interested, I talk about things like beauty and fashion, so talking about scholarly things through the voice of a blogger will be an interesting challenge for me. Another thing I love is the idea of having a digital bunker. I think it is SO cool and unique, and I love that while working this class, I’m immediately taken into a different world facing an apocalypse.

To answer the weekly question, I really love apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic narratives. I will be honest, since being in college and getting involved, I haven’t had as much time as I would like to indulge in reading a good book or watch a new film. Also, I’m not really a huge movie-buff and my library of movies I’ve seen is limited compared to my peers’. That being said, I do have one book/film that is, what I would consider, post-apocalyptic- and that is The Giver. I read that book as an assignment in 8th grade and it was my first introduction to narratives of a future life after potentially an apocalypse. That book resonated a lot with me and made me more inclined to question the world around me. The film, which came out a few years ago, was truly incredible, which is saying a lot because I almost never like movies based on books I’ve read.

I am really not a zombie fan at all, I don’t know why it’s just not my cup of tea. That being said, I am OBSESSED with aliens. It’s kind of my nerdiest attribute. One alien movie I really love is Signs, I believe it’s called. I think space and the vastness of the universe is endlessly intriguing and I am fully on board with the idea that aliens exist, but I won’t go on a rant about that now. Maybe another day.

I am so excited for this class and what I will be able to learn from it. I promise I’ll get better at technology. Hold me to it.




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