Breaking Down the Week

This week was bittersweet because it signaled the final end of the radio show project. I adored this project, mainly because I was finally able to work with people in person and collaborate through mediums that weren’t blog posts and twitter. Social Media is great, don’t get me wrong, but it was a breath of fresh air to sit around a table in the HCC and talk about the class and the assignment in person and collaborate.

I am very proud of how our radio show turned out, but that’s all I’m really going to say because I’ve talked about it SO much at this point. If you’re interested in hearing my full thoughts, I’ll link my reflection here.

This week, in addition to our radio show being broadcasted, I got to listen to another radio show called Alt-F4 and I loved it. We have such an incredible and talented group of students in this class and it was so cool to see their hard work.

I also did some Daily Creates where I did a very bad still life drawing, declared the fact that I am indeed a cat person, and created a check list for my apoca-character, Flick.

I also opened and closed my second play this week! Playing the role of Cathy in The Great God Pan was a blast, but I’m ready for a break in my schedule and VERY ready to start getting more sleep again.


I couldn’t live without my skin care in the apocalypse. I take skincare VERY seriously, and I would stock up on all of it before the end came, if possible. If not, I would stock up on supplies that double as skin care and food, like honey which is antibacterial as well as moisturizing, and sugar which is a natural exfoliant. I could NOT just give up on my skin. I would go crazy.

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