And Then We Were Done

Week 7 & 8 are complete, yay!

These past few weeks have been the most fun I’ve experienced in this class. I loved being able to interact with my group and become closer to them as people. It made me feel a lot less disconnected from the class and my peers.

I also just loved this project. I usually get very intimidated and blocked when it comes to free-reign projects, but I loved the entire process. My team was incredible, we worked so well together, I absolutely adore our theme of Girls Guide, and the inspiration just constantly flowed!

I also love podcasts and things of that nature so being able to see a similar process from behind the scenes made me appreciate so much more the work people like that put in all the time. I learned a lot about audio and also learned a lot about the resources available to me through campus, such as the kind of equipment/technology available, etc.

Overall, these weeks were incredible and I am so happy I got to experience them with such lovely ladies.


If I had those options, I would choose to be a time-traveler. I say this because I love helping, and if there was ANYTHING I could do to prevent the apocalypse, I would do it. I would also do it because if any of my loved ones passed away from it, then it would give me the ability to see them again.


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