The Final Post

Wow. I can’t believe the End has actually come and gone. What a crazy semester it’s been.

I’ve been very, very open that this has been my toughest semester yet, so I am THRILLED for it to be over. However, as a double major and soon-to-be minor, I unfortunately know that this will not be the only tough semester I have. So, it’s bittersweet.

The two main shoutouts I want to give are to Elizabeth, for being my main partner in crime and doing our final project with me, and to the DKC. I LITERALLY COULD NOT HAVE DONE WELL IN THIS CLASS WITHOUT THE DKC. They are so kind and helpful, and I’m so happy that there were multiple people who were also taking this class.

I think I would definitely recommend this class to people, but not to people with schedules as tough as mine was this semester. While I think I learned so much, and really loved the theme, I just know that had I had an easier overall workload this semester in my other classes, I could have given this class even more effort, but alas. I still gave it everything I could.

Onto my final project…

About 4,000 words later and Elizabeth and I are done! I wish I could have blogged more than once about our progress, but unfortunately since hell week was ACTUAL hell for me, we didn’t get to work on it after that initial post until yesterday and today. It was pretty crazy doing so much work in basically 2 days, but hey, that’s how finals usually goes.

I feel like I had so much I was going to say about this class and this experience, but I’m kind of at a loss for words now. One thing I do want to say is that at the beginning of this semester, I knew nothing about basically anything technology-wise. Now, I can use software like iMovie and Final Cut Pro, Audacity, etc. I just finished working on my resume, and I can truly say that now, as someone applying for an internship, I feel ready. I feel like I have the skills. So, thank you.

I hope you all have an incredible Summer, and I know I will probably have a class or two with most of you guys again. Stay strong during this finals week!

I have a question of the week for YOU this time.

What was your favorite part of the class and why?

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