Long Time No Blog

Helloooo DS106’ers! Long time no talk. My last post was my weekly update the week before Spring Break and now I am here with yet another radio show update!

Our radio show is honestly going better than I had even anticipated. I was weary at first that it would be much more difficult to get everyone together to work, but we’ve had no issues with scheduling. We also are still really happy with our original Girl’s Guide theme and i’m so excited to see what all of you think.

Rachel and her experience with audio editing has been a godsend, so so thankful for that. Honestly just super thankful for my whole group and their willingness to help with anything and be available any time. I think we work extremely well together and I’m so happy that we got to become closer through this project!

Our radio show is so close to being done- in fact I JUST sent the last audio file to Rachel to put in and then we are ready to upload! Great week.

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