Blitz Part Two

I had a lot of fun doing the design blitz! I’m realizing I’m really into design and would love to learn more about it in the future. I think it’s an awesome skill to have.

Here are my photos:

  1. Space– I chose this because for this Daily Create, I limited myself to only use the amount of space I had in the square to write out the quote.

2. Color– This little house (?) is right next to Agora Coffee Shop downtown, and I am OBSESSED with coral and Navy so this is basically my dream home. I was wearing basically all black so I thought that the pop of color was a nice touch for a photo.

3. Alignment– This was actually a photo that was taken for one of my blog posts by a very talented photographer on campus, Alex Sakes. I thought this perfectly described alignment because he leveled the camera out perfectly parallel with the steps and the heigh of my boots also make a line.

4. Contrast– In this photo of my friend and I, we are wearing neutral clothes and sitting on a brown couch. Therefore, I thought this tapestry made nice contrast.

5. Repetition– I actually found this picture on Pinterest but thought it was too aesthetically pleasing not to share. I am OBSESSED with gallery walls and have been attempting to make one myself in my room, but it’s not nearly as nice as this one. I chose this for repetition because this gallery wall is a series of squares and rectangles.

Hope you enjoy!

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