Let’s (Ted)Talk

The TedTalk of Paula Scher was by far my favorite TedTalk. The second she mentioned her work for the Public Theatre in New York, I was as tuned in as possible. As someone who wants to go into Arts Administration, it’s awesome to see that there are other people who a lot of work for art companies, and do work you often forget about.

Graphic design is extremely important, and it’s often looked over. We just take it for what it is but don’t take a second to think about who was behind it all. I thought Paula’s TedTalk was fascinating, and thought that her success from hating Helvetica was extremely interesting.

While she is known for sometimes eclectic designs, they are still always clean and sharp which I personally love. David Carson’s designs, while unique, are a bit too messy for me. When he mentioned the quote, “Just because something is legible doesn’t mean it’s communicating effectively”, I immediately agreed. However, I don’t think his are legible OR communicating effectively. Sometimes things are just better left simple.

One interesting thing I found from his TedTalk was the fact that not only did he create the Nine Inch Nails cover, which I actually really enjoyed, but he also took the photo included on the cover. This is interesting because I would have imagined it would be taken by a professional photographer, but he clearly had a vision for that design and ended up doing it himself and it looked wonderful.

I did the tutorials before I watched the TedTalk so I was able to find similarities and differences between the speakers’ styles and what is recommended. For this most part, Paula’s designs are very in tune with what is recommended on Canva. She uses different fonts and clutters some things, but they still remain fluid, easy to read, and clean.

Carson’s designs, however, basically completely go against everything suggested to you on canvas. Things are out of order, hard to read, cluttered, overlapping, etc. I can understand why it may work for certain specific campaigns, but I’m not a huge fan of it overall.

Things like graphic design are all just down to personal preference, and I just preferred Paula’s style. My boyfriend and I have recently gotten really into making posters for upcoming plays in the blackbox studio in the basement of DuPont Hall now that we are on the studio’s committee, and I can’t wait to implement what I’ve learned from canva, as well as take inspiration from Paula and Carson on our next poster design.

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