Let’s Get it Started

The semester is so close to being over.

Elizabeth and I decided to do our final project together, which is really exciting! She’s such a delight to work with and I have no doubts that we will make something pretty incredible.

Without giving too much away, we have started compiling story ideas. We decided we are going to primarily focus on writing as our main media, but will also include photography and design elements to enhance the story. We’re pretty stoked.

We also have decided that we will be using our characters to carry this story. This is particularly exciting for me because I’ve really loved building on Felicity, and want one more opportunity to fully dive into who she is, and then share it with you all.

I am so excited to really get started on this project, but we’ve only had one brainstorming meeting, so I’m sorry there’s not much to update you on. Have a good week, and hang in there guys!

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