Girls Guide & Alt-F4

This week, the radio shows we all worked so hard on finally aired! Sadly, because I was in the process of teching a play I’m in/performing said play, I wasn’t able to tune in. Thank goodness for the creators of Alt-F4 and especially Daniel Mercado for putting the recording of their show in his blog post!

Working on this project was such an incredible and fun experience, and I wish I could have heard more of the shows. Alt-F4 was SO GOOD. I laughed the whole time and it was DEFINITELY worth the hype I saw on Twitter about it. I loved how many sound effects and elements were put into it. It was unbelievably creative and I totally wish I was a caller on their show.

As I’ve said many times before, this is the favorite thing we’ve worked on all semester in this class. None of it seemed like work, just a fun time with friends while producing something deliverable. While sadly, I couldn’t listen to my own show with the rest of everyone, I still pursued twitter in between scenes and saw everyone’s feedback! It was bizarre to read blog posts of people who tuned into the project we worked so hard on.

Shoutout to Elizabeth for live tweeting our show. You rock!! Here are some of my favorites from her tweeting spree:

I’m sad to see this project go, but excited to see what else is in store for us. Have a great week, guys!

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