War of the Worlds Charades

4 Pictures. One book. Can you guess?

So I read H. G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds for my book, and loved it! I chose to do the “One Story, Four Icons” assignment and thought it was really great! It also gave me an excuse to use Canva which I’ll never complain about. Can Canva sponsor me? All I do is talk about it.

Anyways, the plot of this book is pretty simple. A UFO lands, and eventually hatches. The alien inside starts destroying everything with its “heat ray” and striking terror with the battle cry of “ulla.” Humanity seems powerless, and the Martians seize control.

So taking that basic plot idea, I decided to hop onto Canva and I chose 4 black and white clip art photos that describe the story. I think they’re pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll break them down for you anyways.

A UFO and alien, because well duh. That gun is supposed to be the heat ray. And the man is supposed to be scared and running. Make sense?

This was a really fun and easy design activity, and I’m just happy I was reunited with design (As you will see in the selection of assignments this week. Hope you enjoyed!

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