Swede A Quiet Place


This week, I went to the movies and saw A Quiet Place. I’m not a horror gal- like, AT ALL, but I still really really enjoyed the film because I love apocalypse stuff, as well as when scary things have real purpose. I chose to do the Swede a Scene assignment and took some creative freedom. The movie is quite difficult recreate, but I was inspired by the opening scene when the family is tiptoeing around the store, and she’s quietly searching through the medicine bottles to get her son some medicine.

I tried my best to take some creative shots of me tiptoeing around, as well as picking up pill bottles slowly and methodically. I chose not to edit the scenes too much because things in the movie are very drawn out since they have to take their time and think about absolutely everything so they don’t make a noise.

I also took some creative freedom since it was only me doing this and did things like brushed my teeth and turned the water on- things that seem so simple to us now but wouldn’t be to them. For instance, when I swallowed the pill, I chose to dry swallow it because if I was that character, turning on the water wouldn’t be worth potentially making too much noise and dying over it.

At the end, there is a clip of my phone ringing after I leave the room and start doing other things. After it rings for a bit, the screen goes to black and you hear the noise of a monster. This is meant to symbolize when the little boy dies after turning on the rocket in the first few minutes of the movie. I don’t think the characters would be naive enough to keep their ringers on, but I wanted to keep the noise coming from a technological source, just like the toy rocket.

I’m WELL aware this video isn’t great but I really really tried on it and did everything to the best of my ability since I was working alone.

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