Get to Know Me!

Prior to the 10 Questions of the Apocalypse assignment being a thing, I had an idea to create a video where I asked my classmates and friends on twitter for any questions they had about me, then answered them on video for my online peers in this class to get to know me a little bit better. I tied this video into the apocalypse theme and the radio shows by answering questions that some of our radio show hosts may have had to answer.  Regardless, it’s still different enough from the other Q&A video we had to do.

I personally love watching Q&A’s so I really wanted to do myself, especially with the digital barrier of an online class, so I made this into the second assignment I’ve created for this class (The first one was called Call Me Beep Me). I made it 5 stars because it was really difficult to get my peers to participate in sending me questions, and because something so ramble-y like a Q&A took a long time to edit. I dragged my boyfriend to do this with me since it was the first video I was filming and I was nervous.

I filmed all of Week 10’s last week, but ended up losing a ton of footage and had to restart this week, so I’m trying to play catch up now that they’re finally all re-recorded and edited. I encourage you all to do this assignment, and if you do, let me know your thoughts!

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