Urgent! What’s going on?!

Guys… omg.

I just went outside and saw these bright white lights in the sky. I snagged a pic and will insert it. A few moments after I snapped the picture, the light blinded me and literally knocked me onto the ground. Ever since, I’ve been feeling awful. Sluggish and unmotivated, kind of like Rachel mentioned in her blog post (here). I also have noticed that I don’t want to eat anymore and that’s insane cause I love to eat. I don’t think this is normal. I feel like something really shady is going on.

Have you guys experienced anything similar? So far, no one else has seen the light that I saw. Then again, I was outside at nighttime so they were sleeping. Let me know if you’ve seen it. Don’t forget to stay safe out there.

2 thoughts on “Urgent! What’s going on?!”

  1. I seen this as well the other night I just thought it was the handle of the little dipper, but the rest was covered by clouds in the sky. Now that you mention it the clouds either never moved or I was seeing what you were seeing as well. I am a fat kid at heart and for my appetite to be suppressed is quite strange. Here I thought I was the only individual experiencing strange symptoms, I am just glad I am not the only one. I just hope that these symptoms subside and soon because I am making steak later and I would be highly dissapointed if I can no longer eat it. Fingers crossed we can figure this out soon.

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