The End is a Long Road

After about 2 hours of downloading random things and watching tutorials, I present to you all MY VERY FIRST GIF!

*The crowd roars and claps*

So, here is my very first gif, ladies and gentlemen. I am very proud! It is a clip from The Road where we see the father and son embrace each other which seemed to be the overall theme of the movie. The movie follows this father and son surviving the apocalypse together, and we see flashbacks of their former life throughout.

I will be honest, this movie was very very difficult for me to watch. There is a LOT of mention of suicide and mention of rape which are tender subjects for me, so I had to skip a lot of parts. I probably should have watched the other movie instead, but unfortunately it’s Monday evening and I’ve only just had time to do this assignment, so once I got about a half hour in and the discomfort really set in, there was no time to turn back.

That being said, I still really enjoyed the execution of this movie which I think was the point of watching it. The director very skillfully placed color in scenes where they are happy (predominantly in the past), but there was also a very cool scene where everything was dull and colorless except the can of Coke they shared together and it was clear that can of Coke was symbolizing happiness from the way they chose to color it. I also like that he chose to give flashbacks instead of the characters just talking about the past and what’s happened. It really solidified their history and story being able to see it unfolding through these flashbacks.

Overall, I really enjoyed the artistry of this movie, even though the dialogue and scenes were often difficult to watch. I think I may have been okay had I mentally prepared myself for those kinds of themes, but unfortunately I knew nothing about the movie going into it.

Enough about The Road, though. Let’s move onto something a bit more positive, La Jetee!

I have been taking French since 7th grade and absolutely adore the language and culture, so watching French films are always a treat. My biggest issue with this short film was the fact that it was all photographs. I think photography is incredible, don’t get me wrong, but a series of photographs for 30 minutes just bored me a bit.

That being said, however, the photography was stunning. We live in a world of selfies and pictures of food, so seeing these beautifully candid photos was incredible. I also took special note of when the photographer chose to use different perspectives and have a few screenshots of my favorites.

I also thought the black and white theme was beautiful and gave for interesting contrast. I think a lot of what we see- or at least what I see on Instagram, are bright colors, pastels, etc. It was nice to see a film go back to the original roots of film and honor the black and white color palette.

I thought at some points it was hard to follow the story because not only is there a language barrier (a smaller one for me because I speak quite a bit of French), but you’re presented with such stunning photos so you’re inclined to pay attention to them instead. I found I had to go back and re-read a bit so I got everything going on.

I was very impressed with the artistry in these two movies and hope we continue to watch movies like this in the future. I also have an itch to watch more French movies now, which is a past-time I wish I did more often. So, thank you for re-igniting my love of French cinema!


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