Take Time to Relax

I chose to do the Relaxation Noises Assignments, and in addition to sharing my audio file with you, I wanted to share with you the sounds I chose and why they relax me:

Rain: Everyone loves the sound of rain, it’s soothing and is the perfect background noise that isn’t too distracting but still fills the silence nicely.

Waves: I’m from the Virginia Beach, so when I hear the waves it reminds me of home.

Thunder: I have always loved thunderstorms, and when I was little my mom would watch the lightening together. Now, I associate thunder with that pleasant memory.

Fire crackling: Winter is my favorite season- I absolutely love the cold. When fire is cracking, it makes me feel warm and safe and reminds me of all of the pleasant winter memories I have by the fire.

Purring: I have two cats who I love more than anything. When I hear purring, it makes me think of them.

Heartbeat: I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic and love the idea of love and being in love, so heartbeats make me very happy.

Laughing: Hearing the people I love laugh has to be the best feeling and sound ever. I love to make people laugh.

Now that you know why those noises relax me, here’s a compilation of them. I hope they relax you, too!

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