Sword-a Might Actually Survive This Apocalypse

The things that have come to take over seem to be immune to gunshots, which is good for me because my aim royally sucks, so guns wouldn’t be much help anyways. My friend tried hitting one over the head with a baseball bat- but nothing. They were too powerful. Their skulls must be made of steel.

We figured that surely, if all of these had failed, slaying them with a sword or knife wouldn’t work. Little did we know, that was their kryptonite. We discovered that the only way to kill them is to slice off their head. So obviously, I went on amazon to get a sword.

I tried a lot of swords, but these specific swords… Wow. First of all, you get two. What a bargain! Second of all, they come in two colors so that you can match your sword to your end-of-the-world outfits- a very convenient aspect for a blogger like myself. My outfit of the day posts just wouldn’t be the same if my swords didn’t match. They also come with a sheath so it’s easy to carry around and whip out whenever a thing appears.

The blade itself is absolutely magnificent. It glides through their necks like butter. Definitely the sharpest and most pleasurable sword I have used to fight them off. I ran out of a knife once when making dinner- totally works for chopping veggies too! Overall, I give these swords a 10/10. Thanks, Amazon!



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