It’s Me, Alice.

Finis is a short story I read at the beginning of the semester for this class, and I loved it a lot. I particularly loved the character Alice and how she told the audience that, now that her life was ending, she wishes she would have lived more. I loved this because I think all the time I should live more in the moment.

When I created this assignment, I wanted to make it something for students to pick any character that has resonated with them this semester and embody them in an audio recording. I chose Alice because her story fascinated me, and I always wish she would have been a bigger character in Finis. This was my way of continuing her story.

At the end of the story she proclaims that she wishes she would have lived more, and chooses to live her final moments completely giving herself to Eastwood, not thinking about what could happen, but just embracing him and feeling loved. I wanted to depict that in this recording.

I also chose to input sounds of thunderstorms because they talk about all of the terrible storms in the play that come as a result of the new sun.

Here is my recording as Alice:

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