Gordon the Tasmanian Devil

(My submission for the assignment, The End is for Everything)


My name is Gordon and I’m a Tasmanian Devil. I’m not sure how I survived the end of the world, but I did- and IT. IS. AWESOME! I’m a solitary animal, meaning I prefer to live alone without other animals of my species around to bug me. They’re just all total devils and I can’t stand being around them. Now, I never have to worry!

I live in Tasmania, and it’s pretty fun. I’ll eat almost anything from baby kangaroos to vegetable matter, to roadkill. I’m not very picky. Since all of the other animals died, I get to eat whatever I want and I don’t have to share OR work for it since it’s already dead. Ahh, what a life.


I had a girlfriend which was cool, but since I’m a solitary animal I usually just hang around long enough to mate. Thanks for the fun times while they lasted, babe! Now I’m free and the world is my oyster. I run around all the time seeing the things, smelling the smells, eating the foods. Life is good.


This whole “end of the world” thing is basically the best thing to ever happen to me. I am so lucky! I can’t wait to live in pure bliss forever. So long, suckers. Gordon’s out.


All research found from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tasmanian_devil#Feeding

All gifs found from: https://giphy.com


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  1. ‘This is great but I want to hear MORE 🙂 What happened with the apocalypse happened? What kind of apocalypse was it and what did the devil experience when it happened? What was Gordon’s life like before the apocalypse? Think about what kind of arc you can give to even the smallest story you tell

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