Book Cover Remix

I chose to read the War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells for this class, and so I made it’s alternative cover. This was a little difficult because I don’t have the knowledge or resources to make it perfect, I just have to work with what is available to me online. These are a few of the original book covers:

I knew going into this I wanted to make it more modern and simple, because that’s what I love best, and because the book’s cover hasn’t been updated very recently. Here is my book cover:

I made this using Canva and am very pleased with it! I tried to take note of everything I had learned from the tutorials while still letting my own unique style shine through. I wish that the UFO looked like it was really there, but unfortunately there isn’t much I can do about that since I’m only working with photos and overlays.

3 thoughts on “Book Cover Remix”

  1. I feel you did a pretty amazing job on this being that you said you had no experience or lack of resources prior to starting this. I love the more modern and updated look you gave the cover, the top left original picture looks like the UFO is a common cereal bowl flipped upside down and given legs. Your UFO looks like it could belong especially in the new updated city setting you gave it. Overall good job!!!!!!!

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