Blitzing it Up

As someone who adores social media and blogging, the biggest thing that has held me back from expanding my blog is my lack of knowledge about photography. I am so intimidated by it, and also am a broke college student so all I have is my phone. I’m very excited to explore photography this week because it will force myself to work on my skillzzzz.

I first read the tips page. A lot of things I already knew, I just am unsure how to implement them. For example, identifying lighting is still a huge mystery to me regardless of how much research I’ve done (Anyone with me?). One thing I was reminded of by the tips page is that I should play with perspective more in my photos. My blog is primarily fashion and beauty and that’s also what my Instagram feed consists of, so I forget sometimes that people can be creative outside of a perfectly candid outfit post.

Next, I looked at Abandoned America. I think these photos are absolutely incredible. I find abandoned places endlessly fascinating but I am extremely afraid of basically everything. Ghosts, creepy crawlers, etc. You name it, I have a phobia of it. If only I could have a Shane approach to abandoned places.

I think my favorite gallery that I looked at is the gallery for The Sydenham Hospital for Communicable Diseases. The pictures are absolutely stunning and I love how creative they all are. There are a variety of places in the hospital as well as a wide array of perspectives. I also think the fact that they give a description is very helpful and informative.

I did the photoblitz and found it very fun; however, as a perfectionist, I can’t help but critique myself an excessive amount for something that is just supposed to be a bit of fun. Here are my photos/prompt!

This was my prompt, and the highlighted parts are what I had time to do.

Here is my way of documenting what time I began.

Lemons are literally my favorite food ever (Weird, right?), so I obviously had to showcase them when asked to take a photo of food!
I wasn’t able to take a photo of the sky because it was nighttime, but I still played with perspective. These are items hanging on my wall. The main photo is a watercolor of a Shakespeare quote that says “be not afraid of greatness”. I talked about buying this in a recent blog post, so check it out!
I got a record player and records for Christmas, and this is my absolute favorite one. It is “Melophobia” by Cage the Elephant, which is my favorite band. I decided this was an interesting close up photo!
My last photo was of motion. This a photo of me flipping through the pages of a play I’m reading called Lungs by Duncan Macmillan.

After the photo of Lungs, my timer went off. This is my documentation of the time.

Hope you enjoyed!

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