Alternate Ending for Finis

From the perspective of Eastwood:

Around us were trees, buildings, light posts- all bursting into flames. The new sun was more powerful than we could have ever imagined. Most things did not make it. Most humans did not make it. I never saw the people I loved most again.

Alice and I were lucky. We stayed in the basement of the lab for weeks. There was enough food and water down there to last us, and sometimes we were able to go out at night to forage for things we needed when the sun was down and it wasn’t as hot.

It’s been 10 years since the new sun showed it’s face to the earth. Humans are very interesting creatures- we adapt when things get difficult. Alice and I noticed something remarkable about our skin a few months after the sun came. It became thick and rubbery. We were suddenly able to bear the heat- at least at night. It’s still far too dangerous to expose yourself directly to the rays.

The people who are left, that we know of, including Alice and I, are nocturnal now. It’s our only option because of the sun. We live underground, barricaded by a waterproof and air-tight door in the event of inevitable natural disasters that could flood our “home”. We live with two other people that were lucky enough to live through the first day. Their names are Rosie and William.

Rosie and William were newly married when this all started 10 years ago. We often talk about what our dreams were, all of the plans we had. Rosie couldn’t wait to start a family, and she even thought about it a few years ago, but we agreed that it just was unfair to bring a baby up in a world like this. We are still surrounded by rubble and debris, but that doesn’t really matter because we rarely venture to the surface.

We have created an underground home using debris and things we have found laying around the area. We even found a way to cool air entering through the cracks, almost like a fan, except without using electricity. We wonder all the time who else survived. How was the rest of the world effected?

I don’t think we’ll ever know.

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