All About Me

*My character is going off the archetype “Midwife: survivalist, feminist, quick-witted, perceptive”.

My name is Felicity Simone Cixous Jones. A mouthful, huh? You can just call me Flick, that’s what my friends call me. My mom had the grand idea of giving me names after feminists icons, but instead of just choosing one she chose two. Simone De Beauvoir was one of the founders of modern feminism and Helene Cixous was a novelist most well known for exploring the subconscious and bisexuality.

I think it’s kind of cool to be named after such bad-ass feminist icons, but I think my mom just gave me those names to feel better about being a single mom. She wanted a kid, but didn’t want to commit to a man, so she just got knocked up and then here I was. Not as cool of story now that I’m saying it out loud.

Any who, my childhood was pretty fun. Mom and I did everything together, she is my best friend. She homeschooled me my whole life until college which was awesome because I didn’t have to learn all of the stupid things my friends learned in public school like Trigonometry. I got to learn about political movements, take field trips to museums, and learn various life skills.

For such a feminist like my mother, you wouldn’t think she would have encouraged me to learn how to cook, clean, and garden- but she did. I was raised as a vegetarian. I’ve only ever had meat one time at a birthday party when I was mad at my mom and ate a hot dog. It made me sick so I’ve stayed far away ever since. All of the things we ate pretty much came from our garden or from the farmers market in our community. It was really fun and interesting to eat sustainably my whole life, but it made it so I was in for a very rude awakening when I decided to move to New York City for college.

My senior year of “high school”, I decided I wanted a change. Don’t get me wrong, I loved growing up in a small town and loved being friends with everyone in the community, but it got a little old after a while. So, I applied to NYU and got accepted. I left home thinking my mom had prepared me for everything I ever needed to know, but I was very wrong.

The city always has this weird odor, like garbage burning in the distance or something. There’s organic food, but only sold at food chains like Whole Foods for a huge up-charge. I tried to start a small garden outside of the window of my dorm room, but it was no use. The most I could grow was a few herbs that died off quickly in the snow.

I had become vegan 3 years before going to college, and it was easy at home. However, my NYU meal plan is hardly vegan friendly and I had to give it up. I tried to keep it up for as long as possible but it was too expensive in such a pricey city.

I’m still working out how to navigate city life and I’ve been here almost 3 years. It just doesn’t seem to come to me like it comes to everyone else. I thought about leaving, giving up on my Sociology degree and working in my hometown where I knew everything so well, but I want to challenge myself. I want to learn life from a new perspective, I want to meet all kinds of new people, I want to live in a way I just can’t at home.

Still, though, nothing beats going home to see mom. She doesn’t have a cellphone because she thinks they emit too much radiation and they’re dangerous, so we don’t talk much. We write letters, which is cool, I guess. My friends tease me about the fact that my mom is insistent on writing letters instead of buying a cellphone to call me but I think it gives our relationship character.

I miss her so much.

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