Documentation of The End

I was walking around aimlessly, trying to find shelter, when I came across an abandoned amusement park. “Abandoned” doesn’t really mean much anymore- almost everything is abandoned now. It’s just a state of being for the world.

Very rarely do you meet other survivors. Very rarely do you find people’s old personal belongings, but when I do I like to imagine their lives and how that belonging played a part in their life. I like to think that they’re still alive and well, even though I know it’s unlikely. The apocalypse has done wonders for my ability to imagine.

Very very rarely do you find any solid bits of insights to people’s lives through things like photographs. Today was a very special day. I found photos lying on the inside of the “first aid building”, and I’m here to share them with you.

This was the first picture I saw. The person taking the photos documented all of their surroundings through this small series of photos. Clearly, they weren’t alone, because pictured is someone in the bottom left corner. I wonder where they are now.


I imagine the world that used to thrive here before it was abandoned and left to be a home to whatever survivors stumble upon it. I imagine the people lined up to buy popcorn and the people walking around eating candy- laughing and smiling. I always feel a sort of attachment to people when I stumble upon a photo they’ve taken. I wonder why the people who took these photos left this place. I wonder if they’re alive. I hope they are.



Photos taken at Glen Echo Park in Glen Echo, Maryland.

Thank you to my friend, Diana, for going with me.

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